Top 5 Tools for the Development of Multi-Platform Mobile Apps

gamingappsDesigning Your App UI 

When designing your app design UI, there are certain things you should consider including:

As the first thing your audience sees, the splash screen is crucial. If it boring or lasts longer than 10 seconds, the kids will quickly lose interest and move on to something else. Make certain your splash screen is attention grabbing and features plenty of bright colors. If your takes longer to load, you have to have a way, such as a funny animation or catchy music, to keep the viewers engaged.

Keep a child’s developmental stage in mind. For example, rarely do you find a 4 year old who is familiar enough with reading to understand a detailed home screen complete with menu options. For children under the age of 4, opting for a basic home screen that is ready to go with one tap is perfect. If you are designing your app for slightly older children, you may opt to include a couple of menu options that are easy to understand and follow.

When deciding what to include as far as setting options, keep it simple. Children, particularly younger ones, will be confused by too many options. If you do choose to go with several settings, find some way to keep the general feel of your app from changing significantly, if the child accidentally touches them. Remember that children are notorious for being all thumbs with mobile devices, so the chances are high they will hit something unintentionally.

In many instances, the parents adjust the settings, so you may want to consider designing a separate app setting panel for them. This prevents the child from changing anything by accident.